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Solar energy represents an inexhaustible source of energy by human standards

Use of this emission-free and clean form of energy is environmentally and climate-friendly and therefore an important step towards greater independence from finite fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

IRES delivers components for the construction of facilities for solar electricity generation (photovoltaics). IRES plans, designs and builds turnkey plants for private customers, industrial, commercial and agricultural enterprises as well as for the public sector.

For investors IRES identifies suitable sites, offers advice on all aspects of the economic efficiency and financing, and accompanies the realization of PV power plants up to their commissioning.


Delivery and installation of solar power plants

Lahore / Punjab / Pakistan
Eduard Wagner (General Manager of the IRES Middle East) and Chief Minister Muhammad Shabaz Sharif signed an agreement on the planning, delivery and installation of solar power plants up to the capacity of almost 400 MW by the end of 2014.
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