Key Contacts

Eduard Wagner
Founder and CEO of IRES Solartec Service GmbH
Responsable for Strategy and Marketing

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Förster
CTO of IRES Solartec Service GmbH
Responsible for technics

Felix P. Wagner
Project Manager / Marketing Manager
Responsible for Project and Marketing Management

Today energy extraction still is mostly based on fossil raw material
such as coal, gas and oil.

Together with new ideas on energy efficieny and energy use renewable energies will form the base of our energy supply in the near future.

IRES (International Renewable Energy Systems) has spezialized on the use of renewable energies, especially on solar power generation (photovoltaics).

Considering all specific customer requests IRES develops tailor-made solutions.

IRES projects and builds turnkey solar power plants for private customers, industry and trade, agricultural companies as well as local authorities and invetors.

IRES delivers all components necessary for the realization of solar power generators on or on top of buildings or open areas:

  • crystalline solar panels of own manufacutre
  • thin-film panels
  • inverters,
  • mounting systems
  • installation equipment of well-known producers.

All of these are characterized by constantly high and long-lasting product quality.

The management of IRES Solartec Service GmbH has many years of experience in the section of solar power generation.
This includes the whole spectrum starting with the production of panels, commerce up to project development.