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Solar Energy Water Turbines

Solar Energy Water Turbines - IRESThe Solar Water Turbine system is a reliable and flexible water supply system based on renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, generators, batteries. These can be used individually or in combination with each other.

The Solar Water Turbine system is a reliable water supply system based on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy.

The Solar Water Turbinesystem incorporates an submersible pump. Very flexible as to its energy supply and performance, the Solar Water Turbine system can be combined and adapted to any need according to the conditions on the installation site.


  • The SQF pump is protected against dry running in order to prevent damage to the pump.
  • The MSF 3 motor is a permanent-magnet motor (PM motor) featuring a higher efficiency within the power range compared to a conventional asynchronous motor.
  • The pump will be cut out if the voltage falls outside the permissible voltage range.
  • In case the upper load limit is exceeded, the motor will automatically compensate for this by reducing the speed.
  • A permanent-magnet motor gives off very little heat to its surroundings.
  • The built-in electronic unit gives the SQFlex system a number of advantages compared to conventional products.
  • The wide voltage range enables the motor to operate at any voltage from 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC.
  • Low weight ensuring user-friendly handling.
  • Installation in 3", 4" or larger boreholes.
  • Only an on/off switch is needed, which means that no extra motor starter / starter box is necessary.

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